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Sorry, but there is no complete english version of this website yet.
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List of English Papers and Abstracts

2005 // ”New York, Rio, Tokyo…” At: Roger No3, November 2005, Cologne; Theme: International Angst, Page 39-42
pdf.gif Roger_No3_200511.pdf.

In extracts: ”For the second time the ‘International Design Action Day’ (IDAD) was celebrated on June 21 2005. The aim was to animate as many people as possible to give some thought to the situation of design in our society, so in Cologne people put their trust into a well-tried silver bullet: good food.”

// ”Graduated in Design – what next?” At: Roger No2, Januar 2005, Cologne; Research/Education, Page 39-45
pdf.gif Roger_No2_200501.pdf.

One of the topic is: ”Very few design graduates choose to continue academic work in terms of a doctorate thesis. How did you get the idea of doing your doctorate as designers?”

An abstract of this paper is postet at the website of the Design-Magazine: www.roger.kisd.de/117.0.html